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   Certified Life Coach

Sessions & Prices

In this session we will get to meet eachother and we will talk about your goals and what do they mean to you and how they will impact your life.
First session
In this session we will go over our last conversation and how you have implemented the tools you discovered, to be closer to your goal. We will revisit areas which you feel need more atention.
Follow up session
Sometimes we know what we want and how to get there. ..The tricky thing is to keep yourself motivated, take action and don't stall in your journey to achieve your goals.
Accountability Service
Confidence is something we need to work gradually  with. In order to be real for us and benefit us in our daily lives.
Confidence booster
We will spend the day together exploring your goals and getting the ball rolling.
Goal oriented day
This 5 session include initial session and follow up ones, which can be done daily/ weekly/Monthly
5 x session Bundle
This a 45 coaching sessions bundle. through out the year.
One year journey

How do  we do it.

We will schedule a free 15 minutes introductory call, where you tell me a little bit about your self and what are the areas you like to explore and goals to achieve.

I will let you know how my coaching sessions work and what is the best way to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

I have a very direct aproach as I want you to generate results!

Contact me to arrange a chat.