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By Ingrid Johns, May 16 2019 11:45AM

I have been able to recover from Bulimia and Anorexia combined. ( yeah you can have both together)

I just wanted to talk about the treatment that help me. I will not go in to detail about my illness itself I'm only giving you a quick overview about what I did to tackled it.

First you need to understand this pathological illness is about your emotional peception of yourself and not only about the food.

Yeah nutrition plays a part but it isn't as imperative as many make you believe it is.

I started my path to recovery when I was about 13 ish ,so it wasn't alway willing or complient , it wasn't easy either.

The treatment which I attended consisted in having to spend the whole day, Monday to Friday 9 to 5 in a sort of club house with people who are dealing with similar issues (everybody is different).

You have 3 Doctors who specialized in recovery of eating disorders.

A typical day would be to arrive have breakfast with the group.

And yeah this breakfast would be from the specific diet that was assigned to you after a physical and psychological check up.

Then you'll do an activity ( compulsory) but you learn how to create something. I did not see it as a positive at the beginning but perseverance and patience was the lesson, I was a teenager nothing motivated me.

Then at around 11:00 we would have a snack and then would be the time to gather and talk about how you feeling while helpings your recovery pals.

The levels of recovery in the group would vary from new people to the ones that were about to graduate so to speak. The treatment would be a 4 year average. We were also a good mixture of backgrounds.

I think this self help group talks were the ones which make me the person I'm today... You are heard and you listen without judgments... your darkest thoughts and feelings will surface and there would be always someone who identifies with you and is willing to give you advice in how to change those thoughts or habits and replaced them with better ones.

Once this assembly finished we would have lunch. It is important to mention that everyone was cleaning their own crockery after every meal(building up discipline).

As lunch would be considered a difficult time, assembly would be conducted after it.

With Bulimia and anorexia Food (amongst other things) is the addiction so Food would trigger things within ourselves.

After the second assembly it comes the other snack, we would do another activity mainly crafts. Tea and then home.

As Homework we needed to list on a diary what we have eaten during the day.

Points that I did not mention are: you weren't able to choose or serve your own food.

You cannot flush the toilet after you have gonenither talk about food during the day except at the assemblies .

As you get better, you would start taking more control about things mentioned above and going to the treatment would become more of a visit .

This is a very brief recap of what I have done for my recovery.

It was a way to realise that I wasn't alone and people need me for what I was and not for my packaging. It taught me how to let go and pick up the pieces in an orderly manner and then take control whether be my feelings or the food I was eating.

The most important thing is that I started loving myself and helped others do the same.

Sometimes it is so scary seeing all of these fads and missinterpretation of the illness that would worsened the horrible pain you have when you are suffering from this.

I believe that in order to recover from Bulimia and anorexia you need to do it in a social environment as some of the symptoms are isolation and secrecy. This is not an illness or an addiction that can be sorted with a diet. Or by yourself even if you are willing to get better.

Please notice these are my thoughts and my experiences. Nothing is written on stone. and it's not my intention to ofend anyone.

Open for questions.

Love Ing

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