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Sometimes I will rant a bit!

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By Ingrid Johns, Jul 29 2019 05:13PM

Hi lovely people I tend not to write much in my blog although sometimes one want to.

I'm not your usual coach who claims to have it all resolved, far from it I think coming in to this journey open up Pandora's box.

I also think that everyone has their own issues/traumas and life experiences and it is unfair to proclaim that you have it sort it. And besides if you have it all sort it, you just stalled and not given yourself room to learn and grow.

The good thing is that I do have the tools on how to tackle things and new emotions that are confronting me.

I believe that the best way to get a clear picture of what you are dealing with is breaking in up in small bits and try to find solutions to those bits that way you can start to understand why they are there.

Every challenge is a jigsaw puzzle every bit fits perfectly to another specific bit forming a wonderful picture which make sense.

By Ingrid Johns, May 18 2019 03:25PM

The equation Love yourself = Love others. Simply because without you it cannot be a them.

Loving oneself shows you how good you are to the rest of the world and how better they are for your mere existence , that feeling of putting you as the protagonist terrify us.

Yes you could argue that you love those who are close to you but don't care a bit for you.

Sorry that is a lie, you can be a machine who gives what is necessary or requested , that is not love, that is just doing something for someone else in order for them to acknowledge your kind self.( we all crave recognition).

We are creatures of habit so it is very difficult to pin point when we do things from inertia or if we are connecting with what we are feeling.

When we love it is intense and we are scared to show intensity in everything so we rained down giving way to the monotonous safe place. Which in time becomes so boring and flat that any ideas, creativity , ambitions, projects, dreams are so suppressed that the existence of loving goes away even the yearning for it becomes a distant memory.

We need to stop glamorizing the average safe place and take a leap in to do things with passion... I mean put importance in what we do and by doing so you will realise that you have started loving you .Hence loving others is a pleasure and not another thing you do.



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