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By Ingrid Johns, May 13 2019 02:00PM

It is Monday and most people unlike me hate it.

I keep my motivation up by doing 3 things a day which were planed ahead(either the day before or when I wake up) and I know that they would deffenetly be done because either they need to or they are part of my daily routine.

When I tick those three things, it means that something was achieved and we are now ready to either set other things to do or be happy with what you have done.

Some of these thing could be...

Getting up from bed.

Take the dog for a walk.

Go to the grocery store.

Say good morning to a love one.

Pay a bill

Post something(nice) inyour media

Go to work

Do some exercice

Cook something

Get the kids from school

The list is endless, the trick is in reconigsing you are doing these things and don't dismiss them as something that is obvious and in autopilot mode. rather to see them as little chalanges that you overcome


The sense of achivement will give you a little boost of good energy.



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