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Born in Buenos Aires and coming to London when I became 18 years old in the late 90's I have a acquired some experience in life.


I have done a variety of jobs from barmaid to Management in the Hospitality/Catering industry to Office management in well known firms, to owning my  business and having a market stall.


Of course in between came the love of my life and my two kids (the other loves in my life).

I have always been fascinated by people behaviour and how they react to the different things life throws at them.

Equipped with knowledge in Counselling /communication/time management and a lot of wanting to help empower those who are a bit unsure about which step to take next...

I like my  clients to find out that they have the answers on how to move forward and achieve the result they want.

I will listen and help you discover those answers.


As a Feng Shui  and Yoga enthusiast  I will share with you some tips on how to make your surrundings and your body work with you .

You will be  making little modifications around your  physical space and your body movement which will enable you to  think more clearly.


It is your life, your dream, it is your goal,  you choose.


Love Ing








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